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Awfar is a venture-backed company that aims to revolutionize retail delivery operations through technology. A group of experienced industry veterans established Awfar in 2013 to become a leading logistics service provider for the retail industry..


AWFAR, Inc Solution

Awfar inc is an enterprise resources management system to streamline retail delivery operations. Awfar offers a battery of integrated tools that fits with every retailer needs to assist in eliminating operational bottlenecks, increase efficiency, cut expenses and directly uplift sales.

The SaaS platform awfar, inc comes with an cloud CRM , integration with Retail aggregators, third-party logistics providers, E-commerce , CRM systems, and Chat CRM , cloud Call center System, POS, commercial and operational reporting and analytics, and marketing capabilities.

Awfar support all the popular online grocery delivery models with our customizable grocery app development solution. Awfar provide the technology infrastructure for Retailers to build on-demand delivery marketplaces, apps, and services.

Business case

handles orders and complaints IN-house., Manual process

Call center using a a limited CRM version and manual delivery process that makes it hard controlling the operations efficiency and customer satisfaction .

Pharmacies & Retail Business need

Retail & Pharmacies need to harness technology in order to streamline deliver operations, which in turn to increase customer satisfaction and operations efficiency .


Awfar Modules

Awfar Pos App

White Label Ecommerce Platform

fully branded and tailored E-commerce solution with custom features, integrated with SKUs and CRM .

Branch Manager Dashboard

A dashboard for branch managers to monitor order status, picker activity and to handle complaints.

Awfar Delivery App

An app your delivery fleet would love. Equip your delivery driver network with powerful app that enable them to receive new delivery requests on the go and complete them efficiently.

Awfar CRM

A software that records the purchase history of every customers and includes a complaints management system. integrated with POS , SAP, Purchasing..etc that allows customer care agents to view available SKUs-on-shelf and offers.

Awfar POS App

Android application that receives orders from the call center and enlists order basket items and prices. The app can scan product barcodes and order receipts. Pickers can use the app to report missing items and price changes.

Awfar DMS

Delivery Monitoring Solution makes its simple, efficient and delightful to manage delivery operations for your business, tracks all the delivery logistics on real-time.

For Every Business Mobile App Model

White Label Ecommerce App For Business Establish a direct connection between your Business and your loyal Customers and grow your business. A feature rich and fully customizable on-demand ecommerce Products or services app

Create A Mobile Platform For your Business

We enable retail delivery Chains and services providers to launch a feature-rich Mobile app

Launch Your Branded Online E-commerce App

We offer a one-stop shopping app across all your stores and manage everything from a central dashboard

How Can We Help You ?

Start working with Awfar Chat that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

Awfar Chat Connect WhatsApp to your business.

  • Find out thousands of ways that WhatsApp integration can improve your job and your business.
  • Finally, a Chat CRM For Your Whatsapp Business Channel Manage all your customer chats in one inbox.
  • Messaging CRM. AI Smart Replies. Chat Automation. Targeted Broadcasts. The tools you need to keep chat quick and powerful.
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App Features

Start working with Awfar that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.


Improve sales of products or services


Send notifications on Whatsapp


Send and receive shipping information


Send multiple WhatsApp messages to your customers.


High Availability


Scheduling messages


Manage customers from all over the world thanks to translations tool


Provide support to your customers on Whatsapp


Orders Manage orders quickly with Whatsapp chat


Use the same WhatsApp number. Manage simultaneous chats from different PCs.

Work Process

How do we works ?

E-commerce white Label

Cloud CRM Solution

Delivery management Solution - Delivery APP

Key Benefits Of Cloud Call Center Software Awfar

Easy Onboarding

Getting started Setup a call center in minutes. Add co-workers, create a call flow and you are good to Go

No spending on infrastructure, set up or maintenance

Add/remove agents, virtual numbers (Exophones) and increase or decrease the number of calls without worrying about the infrastructure.

View metric-driven historical reports and track performance in real-time with live activity monitoring.

Advanced real-time and historical data at your fingertips, easily transform call metrics and KPIs into actionable and meaningful insights

Call control features include call transfer, hold, mute, warm transfer, and

Automated routing to call queues, ring groups, IVR menus and more

Includes features like call recording, live monitoring, call barge & whisper, and call scoring with notes.

Automatically route your company's calls to the right agent every time. Create custom call routing, ring rules, and more.

Automate Outbound Calling for More Call Connects , Higher Agent Talk Time and Better Engagement with .

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